villa soliman mexico: have you ever visited a cenote?

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The Gulf Stream originates in the Gulf of Mexico, where the sea level is on average one

meter higher than in the Atlantic Ocean and the water is significantly warmer. Flowing like an oceanic "river" across the Atlantic, it brings its beneficial effects to the coasts of Western Europe, making its climate milder during the cold winter months.

Hidden gem of the Yucatan Peninsula, villa soliman mexico is the ideal accommodation if you want to spend a luxury vacation at least once in your life and you plan to do it in Mexico. Just a bunch of kilometers away from crowded, on fashion cities like Playa del Carmen and Cancun - and therefore easy to reach - it is located in an extremely quiet place with an enchanting natural beauty.

Life will pass at a different pace when you are in one of the two apartments of your villa soliman mexico and it will be made of slow, pleasant days - far from the frantic lifestyle you are probably used to. Still, when it is time to go home, you will wonder how it is possible that it all went so fast…

The Luxury Apartments Tulum of villa soliman mexico are equipped with:

two modern kitchens;
classy living rooms;
wonderful and comfortable dining areas;
en suite bathrooms;
private terraces with an indescribable ocean view.

But being in villa soliman mexico and getting the most of it means breathing the air coming from the ocean and feeling the pleasure of listening to the sound of the waves of a blue sea just a few steps away from your luxury apartment tulum: life is good, when you can think about it while sunbathing on a wonderful Mexica beach.

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