luxury villas tulum: one of the best pleasures of life

 Do you want to satisfy your desire to spend your holidays in a luxury villas tulum? Then it's easy, see the exclusive Villa Soliman and then you will know what your next destination will be. Keep reading to know more about it.


A cenote is caused by limestone bedrock collapsing and exposing groundwater underneath, resulting in a natural pit. The Maya sometimes used Cenotes in Mexican Yucatan Peninsula for sacrificial offerings. They are common in regions at low latitude. Some of the most famous cenotes in Mexico are:


Gran Cenote, Municipality of Tulum;

Dos Ojos, Municipality of Tulum;

Sacred Cenote, Chichen Itza;

Hubiku, Yucatan.

Cenotes can be found also in Belize, Canada, United States and Australia.


When you book luxury villas tulum, you expect everything is at a top level. Villa Soliman will not disappoint you, offering countless entertaining opportunities. Snorkelling and diving is an experience no one would want to miss. Right in front of the beach a great reef runs, connecting the north part of the Yucatan Peninsula with Honduras.


This reef is the natural protection of Soliman Bay, creating the perfect environment for practicing snorkelling all-year-round. In fact, the water condition in our bay is always optimal, even when the fierce waves hit reef barrier and along the coast the sea condition is rough. You can swim peacefully and observe the coral formations, surrounded by tropical fish and lobsters on the seabed.


Eagle rays and sea turtles can easily be spotted in the bay. In case you are looking for a more thrilling experience, with a few minute drive from Villa Soliman you can get to the location of the most spectacular cenote of this area, and try an unique diving or snorkelling experience. Reserve an exclusive package of luxury villas tulum and exciting entertainment, put fun and relax together and share Villa Soliman with your friends and family.


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