luxury villas riviera maya: modern comfort and archaeology

 What else other than luxury villas riviera maya could be the solution if you are tired of your every day life and you need a break? Probably nothing, so probably you should read the next words concerning Villa Soliman!


Situated not far from Cancun - one of the most famous Mexican cities - Playa del Carmen is extremely popular everywhere. If you are curious and you want to check it, just google "playa" and see what is the first suggestion given by the search engine… and this is no surprise, if you consider the beauty of the area and its crystalline waters, of the palm trees along the coastline and the soft, light sand on the beaches.


Popular destinations tend to be really busy, at least in some seasons of the year, so Villa Soliman is just ideal if you want to avoid this: even though it is one of the luxury villas riviera maya that you can easily book, it is far from the crowd and distant from the noise. Actually, your neighbours will be the local tropical birds and the colourful marine animals: their sounds will become the soundtrack of your holiday.


For a couple of days you could be lazy and take it all easy, taking your time before planning any activity outside your luxury villas riviera maya. But whenever you like it, you can also practice sports and leisure activities that would be hard to do when you are back home. Here are some examples:

kayaking and snorkeling in the waters in front of Villa Soliman;

yoga, massages;

kite surfing;

scuba diving;

going on a trip to visit one of the local cenotes;

enjoying the food of a local restaurant, just a few steps away from the your luxury villas riviera maya.


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