luxury real estate tulum: leisture times simply at their best

 Are you browsing the internet with luxury real estate tulum on your mind? That endless surfing is over, thanks to Villa Soliman: read all about it!


When a limestone bedrock collapses and the groundwater below it becomes visible, a natural sinkhole appears: this phenomenon and geographical feature is called "cenote", and it is present in Mexico. La ruta de los cenotes (the route of the cenotes) is an itinerary in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, and following a net of small roads of the peninsula it leads to the discovery of a number of these wonderful pits, natural masterpieces.


Villa Soliman itself is one of the certainly good reasons to get to Tulum, a Mexican municipality that is famous for the ruins of an ancient Maya city, a popular tourist destination for those who are interested in history and architecture. With its two apartments (they can be booked together or separately, depending on how large your group/family is), the villa is a gem, well blended into the local nature.


But if the terraces overlooking the bay and the wonderful bedrooms are not enough to convince you, then you could be definitely tempted by:

the chance to visit the cenotes of the area and their wonderful blue water;

the tasty Mexican food;

the fact that it is one of the best luxury real estate tulum;

the opportunity to go fishing - is yours going to be the largest catch?

the vast range of possible outdoor activities


And you might also like to keep in mind that the beauty of the nature and the landscape in the Yucatan Peninsula is astonishing, and the area where Villa Soliman is located represents no exception: we could spend pages and pages describing it, but we believe it is better for us to suggest that you should see it with your own eyes in your luxury real estate tulum.


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