luxury houses soliman bay: get the keys of heaven on earth

 Are you tempted to book a stay in luxury houses soliman bay, but you are not sure whether you know enough about them? Just read what follows carefully, and thanks to Villa Soliman every doubt will be gone soon.


Sea turtles are among the cutest and most fascinating creatures of the planet. The most common species, widespread all around the world (Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea included), is the Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta). Its average length is about one meter, but the largest specimen ever found was 280 cm long and it weighed 450 kilograms. Unfortunately the species is currently endangered and protection measures are certainly needed to preserve it.


When spending amazing days in Villa Soliman, there is a special plan for every morning and every day, after you have spent a wonderful night in your luxury houses soliman bay. Unexpected encounters actually become frequent while you're swimming in the bay or walking in the forest, and they may include:

loggerhead sea turtles and dolphins in the crystalline water of Soliman Bay;

incredible parrots painted with blue, green and red in the trees;

the rare fauna of the cenote environment;

pelicans and magnificent frigatebirds following impossible lines in the sky just in front of you.


Don't you feel that need of escape from something that is becoming a little bit too boring? One of those moments when you need to switch everything off for a while and click on the "pause" key? The cool morning breeze of the bay when you are admiring the scenery from one of the terraces of Villa Soliman is just ideal for that and to forget about time passing by, making you feel - once again - completely alive.


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