luxury apartment tulum: seize the day

Have you decided not to wait the last minute to search for luxury apartment tulum? That's a wise decision, and if you want to save time, listen to our suggestion and choose Villa Soliman for your holidays. The reasons why are written below.


Northern Central America and Mesoamerica are the areas where the Mayan languages are spoken. They form the most studied and best documented language family in the Americas. Proto-Mayan (a language spoken about 5.000 years ago) is the common matrix of the modern Mayan languages. The comparative method has been used to reconstruct it. The Mayan languages are now spoken by the indigenous Maya (about 6 million), mainly in:






Once you arrive at Villa Soliman, there is nothing you have to worry about other than relaxing and having fun. Mykonos, your luxury apartment tulum, offers you a breath-taking view of the ocean, thanks to the glass sliding walls of the luminous living room, which opens up straight onto the beach. Just imagine having a tasty tropical-fruit based breakfast while watching the waves hitting the shore.


And then get ready for action: just prepare your equipment and our private chauffeured transportation will take you to the kite surfing site (15 minutes from your luxury apartment tulum) to challenge wind and waves, or to the exclusive 18 holes plus 9 par 3 golf course, (only 5 minutes from Villa Soliman) where you can try your best shots and set the new record score.


Time will fly very quickly in your luxury apartment tulum: there is no time to waste, choose your apartment in Villa Soliman and book it now.


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