luxury apartment soliman bay: a brand new opportunity

 Is a pretty luxury apartment soliman bay in your wish list? Then unwrap the pack and find Villa Soliman: the best present you could dream of. Read thee words about it, right here and right now.


Given its geographical position, Mexico is an ideal country for birdwatchers. It might not have numbers of species that are as high as Colombia or Peru - where almost 2000 different species are recorded - but it is a perfect birding destination for the migratory species, traveling north-south in autumn and the opposite way in spring. From the red-billed tropicbird to the blue-footed booby, from the magnificent frigatebird to the spotted sandpiper, wonderful birds can be seen in the country, and as many as 16 different species of herons are also present.


From the window of your luxury apartment soliman bay you have the chance to spot the wonderful colours of the cute and small painted bunting or the amazing blue of the Yucatan Jay, and if the blue you are looking for is that of the transparent waters of Soliman Bay, Villa Soliman will not certainly not disappoint you at all.


You may also enjoy the calls of the keel-billed toucan or the sound of the fast beating wings of a Mexican sheartail hummingbird, keeping in mind that the soundtrack of you sunsets at Villa Soliman is provided by the soft waves reaching the coastline just in front of the villa. So, basically, if you want:

an amazing luxury apartment soliman bay;

to fall asleep and wake up surrounded by the quiet sounds of nature;

discover again what real pleasure in life is;

live a holiday the way it is meant to be…

… then Villa Soliman is what you are looking for.


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