boutique villas tulum: the best place for your holidays

 Are boutique villas tulum the subject of your most recent Internet searches? Then you probably have already heard of Villa Soliman, and the following lines will explain you why you cannot find a better place for your holidays. Read on!


The Caribbean Sea is one of the seas of the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the largest seas, with an area of approx. 2.754.000 square kilometres. The whole Caribbean Sea, including the West Indies islands (and adjacent coasts) is known collectively as the Caribbean. The Caribbean coastline is rich in bays and gulfs, some of them are:

Gulf of Venezuela;

Golfo de los Mosquitos;

Gulf of Honduras;

Gulf of Paria;

Gulf of Darién.


Villa Soliman is the perfect example of boutique villas tulum. The cosy and intimate atmosphere is part of its exclusivity. Far from the big tourist blocks of flats, Villa Soliman offers a total-relax experience, with natural elements which integrate in a harmonic way into the design and the details of the boutique villas tulum.


Only high palm trees separate the house from the sandy beach and the immense ocean. Therefore, if the inspiration of the day is snorkelling, you can dive in the water in no time, and swim surrounded by colourful fish and other sea life. You might even spot the sea turtles or have a close encounter with the dolphins.


And after an exhausting swim, you can rest on the white sand, enjoying the smooth massage of the sunrays, the touch of sea breeze on your skin and the natural melody of the waves in your ears. Our boutique villas tulum are ready to welcome you, and we are sure you will fall in love with Villa Soliman and the wonders of Soliman Bay.


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