booking apartments tulum: find a real paradise

Are you one of those who are considering booking apartments all inclusive tulum as an option for their next vacations? You have Villa Somilan right in front of your eyes, do not let this opportunity vanish...

Tulum, or Tulu'um in the local Yucatec language, is an ancient walled town by the Caribbean Sea in the Quintana Roo State, Mexico. The ruins that can be visited today are a very good example of the Maya civilisation and - given their good state of conservation - represent an important site to study the building tecnique of that people. Standing over 10 meters above the beach, the palaces, the pyramid and the temples are a popular tourist destination and they have visitors from everywhere in the world.

Villa Soliman is located just about 25 km north from the modern municipality of Tulum and the ancient Maya ruins, in front of one of the most peaceful areas of the Yucatan peninsula. This brings a priceless advantage: being in a wonderful tourist destination, famous worldwide and full of activities, but at the same time being away from the crowd and its noise, literally surrounded by peace. Isn't this the right time for booking apartments all inclusive tulum?

It should be no wonder that in Villa Soliman a vast range of activities is possible. Here are some examples (but don't put barriers to your options, sometimes only your imagination is the limit):
  • tasting delicious local food at Sahara Cafe;
  • snorkeling with sea turtles by your side;
  • catch some huge fish during fishing trips;
  • relax in a sauna;
  • watching a breathtaking sunrise;
  • play golf on a real course just a few minutes away from Villa Soliman...
As said before, there is no sense in limiting your daydreams: book right now, before it's too late!

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