beach house soliman bay: sand, pleasure and a lot of fun

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The term "bay" identifies a big body of water, which is connected to a sea or an ocean. The surrounding land blocks some waves and often reduces the winds, so that an inlet of land is formed. In-land environments also have bays, in the form of inlets to larger body of water (lake, pond, river estuary). A fjord is a bay which is particularly steep and shaped by glacial activity. Names for large bays are also:






Our beach house soliman bay could perfectly fit the brochure of a travel agency. Villa Soliman is exactly like you would imagine a tropical paradise: the package includes two luminous apartments, called "Santorini" and "Mykonos", furnished in a comfortable and functional way, set in a wonderful natural scenery and a set of additional services which will contribute in making your experience really unique.


They are so many it is hard to list them all, without risking to forget some of them. The offer ranges from relax and well being services, like spa treatments, yoga, temazcal and massages, to cultural trips to the archaeological site of Tulum and the famous cenote.


Of course sports activities are a major attraction: paddle boarding, fishing trips, kite surfing, and a 18-hole plus 9 par golf course will satisfy your need of physical activity. And to discover the natural environment, you can try bird watching, snorkelling, scuba diving and cenote tour. Getting bored is impossible at Villa Soliman, one more reason to book your beach house soliman bay right now.


A list of the additional services is available at this link.